Another on bites the dust


installation; water kettles, water, glasses, table, radio-controlled socket, microcontroller; collaborative work of Anne Moder, Sina Behnke, Katja Striedelmeyer; awarded for the HfK Hochschulpreis 2020 for an Interdisciplinary Project (First runner-up)

Life is the click of a kettle. It is the fogged up glasses. It is steam. It is standstill. ‚Life is simple: we are born, we run back and forth, and one day we’ll be dead.‘ once said Miró. Something is happening and something else has happened before and something else happens afterwards. And we are in this cycle.
Life is repetition. Is a chain reaction. If we act now, there are consequences. Life sucks. We act with the expectation that something will happen. We stay, we hold out, we turn away, we get in. Anarchy and order of things sleep side by side.


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