Dicke Brocken

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As part of the TwinCityChallenge, Sina Behnke and Anne Moder worked exclusively with archive material provided by the „Filmbüro Bremen e.V.“. They were inspired by words, by script, by those that existed and those that exist. Signs are symbols. Ancient and contemporary. They refer to places that have been. To places that are. Things that were there and things that are there. Places and things that have lost their meaning, either because they no longer exist or because they have been read differently over the course of a century.

Memories can be a heavy burden – difficult to digest. Memories remain – they must remain. Memories sometimes resemble a dream. Associations alternate without a recognizable common thread.

Sina Behnke and Anne Moder visually cut up real words and rearrange them. Behind this is not only an examination of language and its deconstruction, but also of its development and typographic representation in public space. A poetic and melancholic narrative. A cut-up poem.

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